SuperScale’s Digital Leap: A Tailored, High-Performance Website in Just 6 Weeks

About client:

SuperScale is an all-in-one Growth Platform that profitably scales games & blockchain apps to their maximum potential.

Services provided:

UX/UI improvements, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Workable integration

Head of Marketing at
Matúš Lieskovský

In the fast-paced gaming world, agility is key. The team exceeded expectations, delivering a website that enhances user engagement and simplifies operations. Their execution of complex integrations within a tight timeline was remarkable. Highly recommended for any tech-driven company.

The Challenge

SuperScale stood at the precipice of global reach but required a digital transformation that could encapsulate their corporate ethos while maintaining an intuitive, performance-optimized experience. They needed a high-functioning website that supported robust integrations for seamless user experiences and lead management, without sacrificing aesthetics or loading time.


Custom Design

We created a large-format, custom-designed website that reflects SuperScale's dynamic brand and industry leadership, providing an immersive user experience.

Resource Migration

By migrating existing resources, we ensured seamless content continuity and retention of SuperScale's valuable digital assets.

Workable Integration

Integration with Workable allowed SuperScale's open job positions to be automatically updated, streamlining the recruitment process.

Salesforce Integration

We integrated Salesforce with their contact forms and newsletters, bolstering their lead generation and management capabilities and enabling more refined marketing strategies.

Performance Optimization

We refined website performance, implementing state-of-the-art technologies to optimize loading times, ensuring an efficient, user-friendly interface.

Delivery Time

All of these services were executed without compromise on quality, within an ambitious six-week delivery timescale to meet SuperScale's strategic timelines.


  • Custom Web Design Integration
  • CRM Lead Optimization
  • High-Speed Website Migration

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